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Map of 168's Ascot Campus 

  Map of school w The Forest for 2024A 

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168's is blessed with a range of modern teaching and learning facilities, sports hall and fields and cultural resources. 

Teaching and Learning

Eunice Science and Resource Centre - is a state of the art facility with a modern library and six science laboratories.

The Arts Centre perches on hillside with stunning city views - a great backdrop for learning! This building contains three visual arts practical classrooms, a pottery area, drama room, foyer and gallery space. The foyer is a multipurpose space for meetings, performances, functions (including weddings), seminars, lectures and conferences.

The recently refurbished contemporary hospitality area includes a modern industrial kitchen and educational café facilities. 

Our Year 7 precinct has five Year 7 classrooms with lockers and an outdoor teaching area. This dedicated area helps transition the students from primary to secondary school.

A 120 seat lecture theatre - The Loft - fully equipped with modern technology.


In 2020, our new sports precinct was opened at the northern end of the campus. This includes: 

  • a new Philip Harris Gym with an indoor full size court area used for basketball, netball, volleyball, and badminton; a rock climbing wall and retractable seating for assemblies
  • a new water polo sized pool that will include two 50m lanes and will be operable all year round 
  • mutlipurpose outdoor courts with night lights
  • new HPE classrooms
  • cardio suite with ergos and strength and conditioning equipment


Windsor Park is just ten minutes away and caters for athletics, hockey, touch football, soccer, cricket and netball. It has an athletics track, playing fields and netball courts.

The 168's Shed is conveniently located on Breakfast Creek at Albion.


The 168's Boarding House accommodates around 190 residents. It is centrally located in the heart of the campus, along with the dining hall and laundry facilities. The youngest boarders are housed in their own dedicated wing. The Health Centre is also located in this precinct and is staffed by two Registered Nurses.