The boarding experience at 168’s endeavours to maximise students’ educational opportunities in all areas of their life across the academic, spiritual, social, emotional and physical domains. We recognise that all girls will have different academic abilities, strengths, weaknesses and approaches to learning. Just as parents would encourage their child to study and practise with determination when at home, no less is expected of the boarders. Their academic progress is monitored by the boarding house supervisors who are in constant communication with teachers and Heads of Year. Boarding staff try to ensure that all girls are putting in their full effort, to be the best they can be, and are not focused on simply results.

An effective student is one who manages a good balance between her study time and leisure time. In the boarding house there are specific, supervised study times to enable everyone to work without interruption for a certain time each evening. Many boarders will need to spend some extra time on homework as well. On the weekends, girls are expected to keep dormitory areas reasonably quiet in order to allow girls to study if they wish. It is important that minimal interruptions occur during supervised prep time; regular study routines promote good academic outcomes.

Boarders have scheduled daily prep time in the afternoons. Students in Years 7 to 9 complete their prep in the library and classrooms from Monday to Thursday, supervised by teachers. Year 10 boarders complete their prep in classrooms, while students in Years 11 and 12 complete their prep in their rooms. Day school teachers attend prep sessions to offer additional academic support, help with research and assist with checking drafts. especially in core subjects such as English and Maths.

Boarders have access to the library in the evening from Monday to Thursday until 5.30pm. Years 11 and 12 students have access to the Independent Learning Centre in the evening from Monday to Thursday and on weekends until 10.30pm.

Boarders desiring additional academic assistance may have external qualified tutors visit the school to help them with their academic work. This can occur at any suitable time, even during prep. All tutors must hold a Blue Card and tutoring must take place within the designated areas for tutoring.