Past Students

Friendships made at school are very often those that last a lifetime. Similarly, 168's considers all past students to be valuable, life-long members of the wider school community. The activities of the school's Development and Community Office, together with annual events hosted by Old Girls' Association and networking breakfasts hosted by the 168's Foundation, provide many opportunities for past students to stay connected and reconnect with the school and each other. Whether it be for a milestone reunion, an annual pilgrimage to the Old Girls' Chapel service and morning tea, or making the most of the broad network of 6000 Old Girls by attending the Professional Women's Networking series, the past student community engenders a sense of belonging and support that extends well beyond the school gates; in fact, all around the world you will find Old Girls seeking each other out, linked by the unbreakable bond of community.  

168’s Reunion Weekend
168’s plays host to all of the very special decade reunions. In line with tradition, the date is set around 168’s Day which is held in late July each year. Coordinated through the Development and Community Office, these celebrations encompass the 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 year reunions, and are held at the school, attracting large numbers across the 168’s reunion weekend.  

VIP 60+ Reunion
Each year the ladies who attended 168’s 60 or more years ago gather in the Arts Centre Foyer (ACF) for a light lunch. This is a much-relished annual opportunity for the ladies to connect with each other and share the many fond memories they have of 168’s and their years of friendship after school.

The opportunity to purchase tickets to attend these events can be purchased online at a time closer to the event. Date claimers and invitations are forwarded to those for whom we have details; further specific details of reunions and events can be found on our Reunions and Events page.

Reunion Planning
Reunion planning often starts the year prior, with volunteers researching and contacting past students.  

It is a tradition at 168’s that we approach the school captains and Old Girls’ Prizewinner to seek their assistance in getting the cohort connected and to serve as reunion coordinators. That said, if you or someone you know, is interested in assisting as a reunion coordinator, please contact the Development and Community Office.

Other Reunions
168’s strongly encourages regular catch ups outside of these years and welcomes your call to our Functions Department (07) 3862-0757 if you are interested in booking one of our many spectacular event spaces at 168’s.

Keep in Touch

If you are an Old Girl of 168’s and have not been receiving emails from us, that may be because we do not have your current contact details. Please keep us in mind when you move or change your email address. So we can stay connected with you, please update your details online at this link.

Alternatively, you can contact the Development & Community Office:
Tel: +61 7 3862 0768
Email: OGA&Alumni@stmargarets.qld.edu.au