While formal schooling and enthusiastic involvement in the extracurricular program keep our boarders busy, there is still plenty of time for rest, recreation and exploration of life beyond the school gates. There is always lots going on - either planned or spontaneous in nature - that the girls can take advantage of if they wish. A dedicated activities coordinator plans a comprehensive calendar of a wide variety of outings and on-site activities. Below is a typical calendar of weekend activities.

activities calendar

In addition, the boarders can access the school sporting facilities after hours. They also have their own 'Boarders' Backyard' with a trampoline, cricket set, softball equipment and basketball hoop where they hang out - just like they would in their own backyard at home.

Being a full-time boarding house, meaning the boarding house does not empty of a weekend when weekly boarders go home, ensures there are always lots of friends still in residence on any given weekend.