Student Wellbeing

Four guiding principles shape the aims and practices of 168's pastoral care program, which underpins the promotion and nurturing of student wellbeing in the school. 

At 168's we believe student wellbeing:

  • is the central component of high quality education
  • sits at the heart of effective learning
  • is centred around the themes of connection and belonging
  • is the responsibility of all staff, not just those with formally identified pastoral care responsibilities.

The Pastoral Care Program aims to:

  • establish a connection between each student and the school which promotes a sense of belonging
  • assist students to become dynamic and passionate members of the broader community
  • build a culture that celebrates difference and diversity
  • promote the development of empathy and compassion within each individual
  • foster students’ social, emotional, spiritual, ethical and physical development in order to reduce risk-taking behaviours and minimise harm
  • imbue students with an understanding of their power as authors of their lives.


168's puts these principles and aims into practice across six areas: 

  • Academic Care
  • Explicit Programs
  • Service Opportunities
  • Student Counselling Service
  • Chaplain Care
  • Boarding Care