Extra-curricular Music at 168’s offers students a broad range of opportunities through which they can experience music at a variety of levels. Students may involve themselves in a number of ways. Some
of these opportunities include: 

  • becoming involved in a Music Ensemble
  • performing at school events and at outside community functions
  • recording music
  • performing in the school musical
  • performing in eisteddfods and festivals
  • participating in school music tours

All students at 168’s are encouraged to become involved in one of the many available Music Ensembles, particularly those who are learning a musical instrument. Participating in an ensemble will enhance the learning process for the student and will also provide much enjoyment on a number of different levels (i.e. musical, social, personal etc).

There are a wide variety of ensembles that cater to a very broad range of musical levels and musical taste. 

Within the Music Ensembles there is the Core Program and the Elective Ensembles. Students must be involved in the Core Music Program if they wish to join a smaller elective ensemble. The Elective Ensembles are groups comprising of students who are in the Core Program and who show the interest and ability to work at a particularly high level.

An audition process is held at the end of every year (and the beginning of the new year for new students) to ascertain the performance level of students. This process enables music staff to place students in ensembles that meet their performance standard. 

Outstanding Performing Artists

Outstanding athletes and performing artists can apply to become a part of the school's Flyers Program which can help students to achieve both their academic and extracurricular goals through personalised learning.

Download the Flyers Program brochure. (PDF 3.7MB) (PDF 3.7MB)

2023 Music Handbook (PDF 4MB)

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