Learning Enhancement

Learning Enhancement categorises the practices in place which reflect the school’s commitment to ensuring that each student is given the opportunities necessary for her to make meaningful progress in learning. It is relevant to all students although of particular importance to those with specific needs, either for enrichment, extension, support or modifications. 168’s approach to Learning Enhancement is founded on the belief that all students have the right to an education which challenges them and allows them to make meaningful progress. It involves the following practices.

Embedded Classroom Differentiation 

Differentiation is a key pillar of the 168’s Quality teaching and Learning Framework and as such is expected in all learning contexts at the school. It relates to every element of the learning environment and needs to shape all interactions with students. Ultimately differentiation means dealing with each student and her needs in the most effective way for her. It involves ensuring that the curriculum is accessible to each girl regardless of her particular level of development or understanding. 

Classroom programs focused on enhancing students’ learning capacities

There are a number of bolt-on programs focused on developing in students the dispositions and thinking associated with high quality learning.

  • Science of Learning (Year 7)
    QCS Preparation Program (Year 12)
  • Elevate Education Programs (Years 7 to 12)

Academic Enrichment Program (Years 7 to 10) - The Flyers Program

Students in Years 7 to 10 who are achieving at a very high standard and/or not being appropriately challenged within the classroom disciplines are identified during Term 1 and Invited to be part of the academic enrichment program, called the Flyers Program. This program is designed to engage students at a level significantly beyond usual classroom learning experiences through their academic rigour, transdisciplinary approach and independent learning requirements.

Download The Flyers Program brochure. (PDF 3.7MB)

Classroom Program to Support Literacy and Numeracy 

Students who require support in literacy, numeracy or with English as an Additional Language are able to engage in classes specifically designed for these purposes. Entry into these classes is based on needs assessments from academic staff.

Individualised Learning Program

Students with specific, identified needs are provided with personalised Learning Plans. These plans are created in partnership with the student, parents and the Learning Enhancement team.

The Personalised Learning Plan is tailored to ensure support and necessary adjustments are provided to the student to foster effective learning experiences for all students. These plans are shared with school staff, including teachers, to ensure appropriate support for each student. The Learning Plan undergoes an annual review by Learning Enhancement Case Managers, shaped by both internal and external assessment processes. This review ensures that the plan remains responsive and adaptive, providing continuous support throughout each student's educational journey at 168's.


Supervised Study Sessions

Supervised Study Sessions are free of charge and provide the opportunity for day students, 12 years and over, to work within the safety of the school and complete their homework under the supervision of tutors. Tutors supervise the study/homework sessions in the senior library from Monday to Thursday every week of term (apart from the first and last weeks).  The sessions run from 5pm to 7.30pm, with students having the option of purchasing dinner from the boarding house for $12.50 (at approximately 6pm). Parents can feel comfortable knowing that their daughters are completing their homework and assignments under supervision, in a safe environment. For students attending these sessions after an afternoon of sport, transport is available to and from Windsor Park. For those staying on after school to attend the homework sessions, the senior library is open up until 5pm prior to the commencement of the study sessions.  

For more information, check information on The POD (internal parents' portal).